Tuesday, April 19, 2011


It has been a long long while since I lasted blogged. I was thinking about it last night and decided it would be good for me to blog about my life again.

Life has been pretty good over the last year or so, but we find ourselves in a new phase of "partenthood" and frankly....I'm not thrilled. We now have a teenager in our house and she knows how to push the limits.

I would say that both Nathan and I have felt like ducks out of water more now then even when we were brand new parents. And while I do find some peace in the wise words of others, the fact that I feel out-of-control really doesn't help much. ;)

A very quick update since the last time I posted..... I now have a 13 yr old, 11 yr old, 9 yr old, and 4 yr old. I just turned 36 and not much is new with Nate. I am working full time for the ambulance district, although it is not a paid position. I do love being at a job every day though. It makes me feel good about life. I am looking into going to paramedic school in the fall, but for some reason have some hesitation about it. I think it is probably the responsibility. LOL Although not much would change from what I'm currently responsible for. So I think it is a mental thing with me.

Ok, had planned on sharing more, but it is time to get to work. I have committed to having a training video done by this afternoon with test included. I better get busy or I won't be done in time.

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